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AltCT has practical use of Microsoft office products over many years both as a trainer &
user. This has helped build a wealth of useful tips, tricks, hints & shortcuts to help you
use the Office Suite be both more efficient & effective.

Word & Excel are key products that most businesses and home users rely on to do their
day to day work. Some of the most confusing aspects of these pieces of
software will seem so easy with a little help & guidance.

Ever struggled with:

• Printing spreadsheets or getting formula to work
• Page layout for printing
• Producing mailing labels for mail shots
• Attaching files & Pictures to emails
• Adding a graph to a spreadsheet
• Editing pictures for your presentations
• Working with dates in spreadsheets
• Using more complex formulae & functions in a spread sheet

These are just a small selection of the common problems businesses (and home users) are up against on an almost daily basis.

Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of a skilled IT department or indeed the time to solve these issues.

Contact AltCT and let us help.