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About Alternative Computers & Training

Stephen Simmons set up this family run business 14 years ago after spending 10 years in Civil Service delivering IT solutions and training. He believes PCs are an investment and whether it is for home or business, they must provide a return on your investment.  This could be anything from saving you time to allowing you to stay in contact with people in real time from around the world.  


Include Businesses, Charities, Self Employed, Independent Professionals & Home Users.

Alternative Computers and Training (AltCT) have clients who have been with them for years and come for one off consultation. They have done things from databases for travel companies, websites for a childrens riding Stables to training an 86 year old to use Skype and email so she could still keep in regular contact with her children and grandchildren.

So Why AltCT?

Many people Pick up useful tips from “Whizz Kids” or copy ideas already in use by colleagues. Small businesses, sole traders and home users often don’t get these “learning opportunities”. Because of this they quickly become frustrated, disillusioned and often “give up” thinking they are not able to use their expensive PC at all!


AltCT offer the following